15 Tips to reduce stress and anxiety to live a happy life.


 Slow deep breathing helps lower blood pressure and heart rate. Try Pranayama Breathing, a yoga method of breathing through one nostril at a time to relieve anxiety. This technique works like acupuncture and is said to balance the body and mind.

Listen to Music

 Whatever the song is, sometimes it is all right from the text to your favorite music. If you are in public places, you can easily listen to music, you can quickly fix what you feel bad about. Classic music can be relaxing before going to bed.

Start Walking

 If you feel that you have problems with overwhelming densities, take a walk immediately around the block. You will benefit from time, physical activity, and minutes to collect your thoughts.

Find the Sun

 If it is a sunny day, please go out to lift your ghost. Bright light may be an effective treatment for people suffering from depression and can even encourage healthy people.

Enjoy a hand Massage

 If you can't see a professional masseuse, try a homemade hand massage and enjoy a soothing moment of relaxation. Hands can generally carry a lot of tension. Apply lotion and knead the base of the muscles under the thumb to relieve stress on the shoulders, neck, and scalp.

Back Calculation

 If your worries are taken over, slowly count to 10 and then reduce the number to calm down. If you remember any number of seven, it is more difficult to understand the interviews for future exams and employment.


 For quick stretching, muscle tensions are reconciled and you can help you relax during intense working days. Try the shoulder role and take pins directly from the desk chair.

Rub your foot on the golf ball

 By rubbing your feet back and forth on the golf ball, you can receive an instant and relaxing foot massage.

Close your Eyes

 Simply lower your eyelids and you'll have a short break from a busy office or chaotic home. It's an easy way to regain calm and concentration.

  Press stress ball

 Press the stress ball instead of the day when you want to squeeze your colleagues, roommates, or drivers on the next track. It is a simple and portable desirable way to relieve tension.

Try Progressive Relaxation

 Did you scare? Press, release, and repeat. Progressive relaxation causes some muscles in the body to contract at once, resulting in a resting state. This method (also used by actors) is a great way to help you fall asleep.

Being Alone - Find Yourself

 In just 5 minutes you can help collect your thoughts and clear your mind.

 Keep Organize

 Clutters can increase your stress. It takes a few minutes to reorganize your desk (or table or wherever you are) and keep only what you need on top.

Do Yoga

 Of course, raise your feet against the wall. Vipariti Kirani yoga poses consist of lying on the floor with your feet leaning against the wall. perform Yoga for happy life.

Start Meditation

Meditation keeps you connected to yourself, where you find the inner you. what's important for you in the noisy world. Start the meditation to stay connected and to reduce stress and anxiety for healthy and happy life.

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